A Glimpse Of The Weapons Used During World War

World War II took place from 1939 to 1945 and took place between the Axis powers and the allied powers. This war is considered to be the worst war in history because it caused the deaths of a large number of people. This war saw the use of different types of potentially deadly weapons from different countries.

Bazooka – This weapon is the type of weapon that has a long, smooth-bore metal tube for the purpose of firing rockets that could penetrate through the armor. This weapon was used to shoot at close range.

60 Pounder – Refers to a medium field gun that was manufactured and used by the British. This weapon is about five inches long and was generally used for the purpose of firing on the battery. The British Army manufactured this weapon for us until 1944.

Katyusha – Refers to the type of artillery that has rocket launchers instead of traditional weapons. This weapon was produced and used by the Soviet Union during the start of the Second World War. This type of weapon was inexpensive and its production was not complicated.

Gustav – Refers to the 18-centimeter K (E) rail guns that were used by the Germans. It was first activated in the late 1930s for use during World War II. This type of weapon is also commonly known as Dora and Gustav Schwerer.

Browning HP – Refers to a pistol used by many countries during World War II. John Browning of the United States created this weapon in 1922.

Baretta Model 1934 – Refers to a sturdy partially automatic pistol that was used by the Italian army for use during World War II. The weapon itself was produced in Italy and was in production from 1934 to 1931.

FN Model 1910 – This pistol was created by John Browning and was a partially automatic pistol. The manufacturer of this gun was Fabrique Nationale, which is a weapons manufacturer in Belgium. It was in production from 1910 to 1983.

Vis – Refers to a single-action partially automatic pistol with 9mm caliber. During the Second World War, the Polish army used this gun. It is considered one of the best pistols ever made.

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