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One of the biggest complaints customers have about businesses, large and small, is the “WEIGHT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE”.

We have all had the experience of getting stuck on the phone while trying to get simple information or waiting to hear the voice of a live person who can answer a few questions.

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I recently called the US Postal Service within one business day to see if I could get information on how to send a package to the UK. would call me back.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I was overwhelmed, amazed! You mean a giant operation like the US Postal Service cannot afford to hire enough people to answer the phone on a typical business day!

A few weeks ago, I asked a small mail order company for information. The order information said that if I sent a check, my order would be delayed until the check was cleared. So I sent cash ($ 16.00). I haven’t received my order for three weeks yet. When I got the order, I only had three pages of information, I don’t know how you look at it, but I call this poor customer service.


Why do there seem to be so many companies that have no idea how to serve their customers? Why do large companies like airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc. to bypass customers just to use your services?

Maybe some of the companies have gotten so big that they think the public has no choice but to do business with them. Whatever the reason, poor customer service is bad for business.

I could go on to give examples of my poor customer service experiences. But I’m sure you could also tell your bad customer service stories.

The point is, when we spend our money on buying a product or service, we all feel that our business should be appreciated. In most cases, when we receive poor customer service, we simply take our business elsewhere.


The small business owner must do everything possible to gain an advantage that will help him acquire loyal customers.

Offering your customers the “RED CARPET” service will help ensure a lasting and profitable relationship with your customers. Providing excellent customer service could mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

This process should begin when a prospect asks about your product or service. When a prospect wants more information about your business, you need to make sure this information is in their hands as quickly as possible.

Your sales message should appear professional and truthful. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your prospect is some kind of idiot by making outrageous and unrealistic claims about what your product, service, or program will do for them. Give your customers all the information they need, so they know exactly what they will get if they buy your product or join your program. Make sure you keep all the promises you make to your customers.


If you’re a small mail-order trader doing business away from home, you need to understand that when someone sends you money in the mail, they give you a vote of confidence. You need to show your appreciation for their business by providing them with fast and efficient service. Always make sure you give them more than they bargained for.

Establish a line of communication with your customers. Make sure you provide them with a way to contact you by phone, email or fax. Keep in touch with your customers by surprising them with a free and inexpensive gift, such as a wallet-sized calendar with your business name. Or include a special offer. Make your customers feel special. Let them know that you appreciate their business.

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