Some Tips For You Buy A Neck Tie

The tie is the most important clothing accessory that accompanies regular shirts and trousers. More often than not, you get confused about how to tie a tie, how to buy a good tie and properly care for it, which knots will suit you and your outfit.


There are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for a tie:

1. You should try on the tie and check if it makes a good knot.

2. Material used like polyester or silk-polyester blend.

3. The inside of the tie should have something to give the body a look.

4. Aside from the standard neckties ranging from 52 inches to 58 inches, a custom tie must be ordered.

5. A tie lining must retain its shape, as high quality ties are lined with 100% wool.

6. Good quality bows are cut through the fabric which you can test by making a bow loop in your hand and if you twist in the air then it is not good quality.

7. Carefully and carefully inspect the tie for any loose threads or ends.

8. Even if you touch a silk tie and it looks rough, the silk would be inferior.

Some tips to keep in mind when wearing a tie:

1. You should check that the front end of the tie is long enough to touch the waist of the paint.

2. Avoid wearing overly colored ties.

3. It is good to wear darker-toned ties with lighter-toned shirts. It means that the color shouldn’t be so light that it fades with your shirt or be so dark that it clashes with your outfit.

4. It should have a proportional tie knot around the neck that is not so large that it widens the neck or too small that it gets lost in the neck.

5. If you are wearing a patterned tie, the color of the tie must complement the color of your suit and the shirt must be a secondary color.

6. While wearing a tie, it is best to wear a wool tie with a wool suit and a silk tie with a silk shirt.

7. Tie a tie in front of the mirror and avoid using tie clips.

8. Keep the shirt buttoned and the collar turned up while wearing the tie.

9. Hold the knot of the tie tight during the lacing process.

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